Figuring it all out!

January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ok so I am still trying to get used to wordpress and how it displays and orders images, which is why my last post was just a big log jam of pictures!

For this week I have a few different images I am going to post. The first is a picture I took of the Rexburg Temple on Saturday. I am also going to post an edit I did in Photoshop, where I cut out part of the image and feathered the edges.

For this image, I used a telephoto lens on a  Canon Rebel EOS XS. The shutter speed was 1/25 second with an F-stop value of f/5.0

This next photo was taken at a concert I attended on Friday Jan. 7. I was able to stand above the crowd on this wooden box thing off to the side of the stage and used my telephoto lens to get some close ups of the band. In these photos I demonstrate a full cut out in photoshop.

For these shots I used a telephoto lens with a shutter speed of 1/64 second and an F-stop of f/5.0


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