Filter and Mask Edits

January 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

For the first edit I used what is called a filter mask in Photoshop. The photo was taken using a flash in a dark area, so the flower was brighter than the background. I used the mask to lighten the background while maintaining the original brightness of the flower.

The original shot before the edit

With the mask

For the second edit I used a smart filter. I decided to used the black and white charcoal effect only the background and I used a brush to restore the flower to 75% opacity.

Original Image

With the filter edit


§ 2 Responses to Filter and Mask Edits

  • lifeofme00 says:

    I really like the black and white charcoal filter you used on your second edit. It really gives the image sharp contrast and makes the flower stand out. Also it made the background very interesting. It was a good choice of filters. Good job masking it too, it is very clean and crisp.

  • Caryn says:

    Wow, Ryan… I love this angle you captured of the girl playing her guitar at Sammys. The silhouette is a cool effect and I just love seeing what is looks like from the back view. It’s like you are showing us the view from the singer’s vantage point. The other one you have in an earlier post from the side was also cool. Nice angles, for sure! Your pano was also good and your flower shots. Keep up the great work! I love to see your great variety. 🙂

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