Camera Raw Edits

January 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

For this editing post, I used a program within PhotoShop called Camera Raw. It utilized non destructive editing, which means you can edit the image and still revert back to the original with out destroying the original. I took a bunch of pictures of my Friend Krissa Hegsted performing this weekend. While many of the photos turned out great, I chose for this edit a photo that at first glance would be a throw away, but when edited in Camera Raw can be salvaged. I increased the brightness around Krissa and added a warming color around her while darkening the edges to create a spotlight effect. Photo details: f/ 4.5, shutter 1/20, ISO 800

Pre Edit

With Camera Raw Edits


§ 2 Responses to Camera Raw Edits

  • Herbert Nagamatsu says:

    Great job Ryan! I really enjoy how this turned out in Camera Raw. It still feels natural and believable, while having a lot of great enhancements that the original lacked. The guys in the background by the door jump out a little more than they did in the original, which could be a bit of a distraction. But that is entirely up to you, of course. The composition is great and pops more with the edits that you did. Keep up the good work Ryan!

  • lifebyangela says:

    I like how your picture of the performing girl turned out. It’s always a risk to shoot in low lighting, but you totally pulled it off. The overall feel and composition is very nice. I like that you took a picture of her from behind, way to think of a different angle. The darkened edges are nice and I love how you brought out the light of the spotlight. Nice job.

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