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Bannack HDR

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I decided to create a separate post for my HDR photos. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and basically takes two or more photos at different exposures and blends them to give the photo the best light and color. You can take three separate photos or you can take one photo and change the exposures in PhotoShop, for these I did both.

Here is a typical before and after HDR:

Before HDR

After HDR

Now here is some of mt other HDR photos

This is one of my favorites, I think it turned out really well



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Here are some of the photos that I took at Bannack Ghost Town in Montana.

First are the portraits.

Here are some shots that are reverse field of depth

Here are some ghost shots that I took

Some macro shots

I blended the macro nail shot with a shot of a piano

Edit – Fine Art Template

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For this weeks edit, I created a fine art template in PhotoShop using a clipping mask. I also scanned in my signature and placed it behind the text.


I created the frames from a blank document in PhotoShop and then added a picture that I had taken previously for the background

Night shots and painting with light

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Ok so I couldn’t decide which ones to post so I posted them all!

This was taken on a clear night at 10 pm when the sun was down. I left the shutter open 30 seconds with f/3.5 and iso of 1600

Again, this was taken around 10 pm. That big ball of light is actually the Moon.

A car drove by as I was taking a shot of this house and left a cool rainbow trail

I opened the shutter for about 15 seconds and flicked a lighter on and off as many times as I could

For this shot I put my camera on a flat surface and left the shutter open 15 seconds and rotated the camera while flicking the lighter on and off in the same spot

For this shot I opened my shutter for 30 seconds and used my ipod to trace a smiley face in the air

Again I opened my shutter for 30 seconds. Then I lit a candle and traced the edge or my guitar


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For this weeks pictures we used a method called scanograpy, which involves placing items on a scanner and arranging them to create interesting pictures. I went with a snack theme, enjoy!

Popcorn and Reese's pieces are my favorite movie snack combo

This one didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, and it was kind of messy, but I put a few scoops of Bunny Tracks Ice cream down and scanned it.

I took these next two scans and combined them in PhotoShop

A lot of spicy nacho Doritios

A dozen or so powder doughnuts

The best midnight snack combo ever!

Edits – Border Effects

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These are a few of the edits that I did this week. I used photoshop to create a number of different borders around these pictures.

I used a brush effect to mimick a painted type feel.

For this a used a Vignette type border

In this edit I used a double fade border effect